We deliver the best and one of the finest quality of assorted raw agerbatti,Where one can avail all kinds of raw agarbattis,We are the importers of
Round Agarbattis
machine made Agarbattis
Hand rolled Agarbattis

The assorting is done under strict supervision of experts. The company is well known for its Careful and strict method of assorting. We have own three steps testing method.

firstly... It involves the right ratio of mixing all different raw materials or ingredient to make the Agarbattis strong and inflammable
secondly... careful burning of Agarbattis from each bundle to check it its burning power.
Thirdly... Final assorting of the rough Agarbattis and selecting only the fresh ones.

Which is half coloured in red or yellow .They are tied in tight bundles, wrapped neatly in newspapers, finally packed in jute and poly bags and they are ready to reach their final destination and it is because of these special features and quality assurance our product is in great Demand from the big brands of India as well as abroad; so this way we keep our commitment always true.
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